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Traditionally, custom products and low cost are mutually exclusive.  While mass production achieves large runs of identical products at low cost, uniquely individual products require craftsmen and specialists, whose costly skills are afforded only to the wealthy.


Today, Internet technologies mediate direct customer interaction with a company with which to specify unique requirements for goods and services.  Properly modularized designs with appropriate flexible, computer-assisted manufacturing systems achieve the low unit costs of typical of mass production processes while offering the flexibility of individual customization. 


Sideloading, with subtractive installation, is a perfect means of mass customization.  It provides an economic lot size of one, fulfilling a unique customer’s specific personal needs with mass production efficiency.


Using sideloading to manufacture products tailored to individually particular needs provides manufacturers with a number of important advantages.  


  • •  Manufacturers can extend their markets and deepen       customer relationships.
  • •  Manufacturers can differentiate their mass customized digital     appliances from competitor’s low margin, commodity type     computer devices.
  • •  Manufacturers can reap higher profits by making comparison     shopping more difficult and shifting customer attention from     price to benefits. 
  • •  Manufacturers can provide exceptional value for money     achieved through economies of scale while charging a     premium margin. 
  • •  Manufacturers using the dynamic pricing flexibility inherent in     subtractive installation can successful balance among     conflicting sales, earnings, and unit growth targets to fulfill     their financial objectives and surpass market analyst     forecasts.


With sideloading for mass customization of consumer electronic, one can have their cake and eat it too!  One inexpensively gains the uniqueness and profitability of customized products and services along with the economies of scale and mass market penetration of mass production techniques.



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