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Hello, Steven. Thanks for getting on the phone. I think you’ll find this very profitable.


I am Joshua Shapiro and I have a new technology that will create a whole new revenue stream on each iMac, MacBook, iPod or iPhone you ship.  Instead of just shipping a machine with a mostly blank hard drive, you ship a drive that is also the Apple Store incarnate, inside every Apple device. 


On each terabyte drive, for instance, that you put into a MacBook, you can ship the customer 3,000 applications pre-installed.  Then, our patented technology provides a slick process that we call “subtractive installation” that lets the customer choose which ones to keep – and removes the rest. Why install when you can just delete – and leave in place ready-to-run programs?


What you have done is “sideloaded” your machine – and boosted your bottom line, from whatever share of the sale you take from the software supplier for acting as the retailer.

Your assembly line at Hon Hai or other electronics factory in effect starts turning out millions of mini-software stores for you, while prepping each hard drive or other storage medium for insertion into one of your final products.


The drive gets filled to the brim with useful programs for education, office or entertainment.  Your customer winds up buying more software than you can ever expect to sell over the phone or online for pre-installation. And, when the “choose and remove” process is done, the rest of the drive is freed up to store data, just as intended with any storage medium.


This is a big win for you, who gets a slice of every software application that a customer keeps; for the software supplier, who gets more sales right out of the box (and without a cardboard box even needed); and for the customer, who doesn’t have to go through the hassle of installing the software or worrying about it. It works, right off the bat. No matter what. No matter how many apps he or she picks. The debugging is already done.


This is the kind of genius that customers have come to expect from Apple, that sets it apart. For your shareholders, it means more profit from every machine. You’ve added no weight to any of the devices you send out: Just hundreds more sales opportunities, in each one.


You have put the software shelves of the Apple Store right into every Apple machine, ready to go, the second the plastic wrapping comes off the box. It’s a soft store, but a very real one. And every sale of every program that it delivers sends bucks right to your bottom line.




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