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Hello, Michael. Thanks for getting on the phone. I think you’ll find this very profitable.


I am Joshua Shapiro and I have a new technology that will create a significant new revenue stream from software packed into every machine you sell. My technology turns each of those machines into a complete software store for your customers, before they leave the factory. This could allow you to double or triple your bottom line from each machine you ship.


With my patented system, which I call “sideloading,” you send out each machine with 1,000 or more applications already stored – in a single image – on the hard drive. You don’t have to customize each installation. You let the customer do the customizing, at home.




Hundreds of applications are installed in the hard drives that you have to put in customers’ machines anyway. You load them all in one fell swoop, making your factory process easier and more efficient.


And when the machine arrives, the customer sits in the comfort of his or her home and sees a full catalog of ready-to-go software already in the machine.  The customer goes shopping, picking the titles he or she wants to buy, on the spot. And the system erases the rest, freeing up the rest of the drive for storage.


This is a big win for you who gets a slice of every software application that a customer keeps; for the software supplier, who gets more sales right out of the box (and without a cardboard box even needed); and for the customer, who doesn’t have to go through the hassle of installing the software or worrying about it. It works, right off the bat. No matter what. No matter how many apps he or she picks. The debugging is already done. Plus, it’s far faster and easier for the customer to erase stuff, than to install it.


There is no crapware. No crap. Just the real stuff. And, for you, the “choose and remove” approach to software sales means more bucks to your bottom line. No need to worry about deals with retailers. No need to worry about bricks and mortar. You are the retailer. The Dell Store is the Dell machine.


In effect, a storage device becomes a retail outlet, a catalog, a warehouse and a delivery vehicle, all on the way to becoming itself. And everyone wins, through more choice and more sales.






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